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Tamil School

Stuttgart Tamil Sangam e.V is an approved "Contact Centre" in Germany for TVA (Tamil Virtual Academy run by Government of Tamilnadu) .

VISION :  To pass on our Tamil culture and tradition to our kids and enrich them with the knowledge of our mother tongue Tamil.


1.There is no proper Tamil language school set up in Stuttgart region for the Tamil community from India. 

2.It remains significant to a child to learn its mother tongue as it develops a child’s personal, social, and cultural identity. It helps a child to develop their critical thinking and literacy skills and it makes it easier for children to pick up and learn other languages.


We have signed an MoU with TVA and got the approval as its contact centre in Germany. TVA provides internet-based resources to conduct the courses, examination and certificates on successful completion of the exams. 

TVA has the following advantages: 

  1. TVA provides certificate based curriculum which would motivate the students to great extent.
  2. TVA certificate courses are recognized by Tamilnadu government. According to G.O 300, dt. 20.12.2007 Tamil Virtual Academy certificate programs are recognized by Tamilnadu government. This could be viewed here
  3. Further, if the kids migrate back to India, the certification yields them value.
Tamil Courses

Primary Course :

The lessons are designed for the infants to learn Tamil through pictures, scenes, picture stories, poems and songs in order to create interest in learning Tamil. We have 2 classes for Primary Course in our school namely :

  • Mazhalaiyar-1
  • Mazhalaiyar-2

Certificate courses: These are offered at 3 levels viz.:

  • Basic level (1st & 2nd Standards) : Currently we have “Basic Level” in our school
  • Intermediate level (3rd & 4th Standards)
  • Advanced level (5th & 6th Standards)

Please contact our Tamil Council to enroll in the Tamil School.

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