Membership Benefits

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  • Become a part of a big Tamil family in Stuttgart 
  • Network with people who are interested in Tamil language and culture.
  • Stuttgart Tamil Sangam provides a platform to showcase your talents in various forums.
  • Member’s kids get special discounts to join the Tamil school run by Stuttgart Tamil Sangam and learn Tamil language and our tradition.
  • Priority for participation in various Literature, Cultural and Charity work undertaken by Stuttgart Tamil Sangam.
  • Either a Discounted Fee or Free entry in almost in all events conducted by Stuttgart Tamil Sangam e.V.
  • Special discounts for members in events conducted by third party (Subject to Availability).

Membership Rights

  • Right to Participate in Annual General Body Meeting.
  • Eligibility to contest and vote in the association elections (18 years of age and above).
  • Members can also be part of the Executive Committee of the association.

Membership types and fee details

There are four membership types in total. The below stated fee is for membership in the association for 1 Calendar year. Membership is renewed automatically for the next calendar year.


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Anyone who is 18 to 24 years old and/or students with a valid identity issued by a university / institution in Germany.

Fee : 20 Euro


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Individuals above 24 years of age.

Fee : 30 Euro


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Families of up to 2 adults and their children up to 18 years.

Fee : 50 Euro


Honorary Membership

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Issued to honor any individual for his/her contribution to the society.

Fee : Nil


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How to become a member

  • You can become a member after participating as a guest in at least one event conducted by Stuttgart Tamil Sangam e.V. 
  • The idea of one event participation is beneficial to our guests. You can take the opportunity to know us better and validate if Stuttgart Tamil Sangam is the right place for you and your family.   
  • Contact any member of the association or fill in the membership form and submit.

Eligible and Want to become a member?

Click Here To Download the Application Form and send the duly filled form to

Membership Cancellation

  • Once a friend is always a friend, hence we never want you to leave the association. If you want to cancel your membership due to unavoidable reasons, you should write an email to at least 3 month before the end of the calendar year.
  • A confirmation of termination/response to the termination request is sent back to you as soon as possible. 
  • Under such circumstances, the members are obliged to return any properties that belong to the association and pay all dues to the association. The membership fee shall not be refunded.